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my name is kate

okkk should i do a renovation and make this 5sos? idk ugh this is so hard cuz i dont really want to blog much…but i worked so hard at this account for a long time so i dont want to just completely ignore it. and the fact that i lost sooo many followers when i tried so hard to get them and be popular and funny and stuff it stings a bit. but i dont want to just put this acct to waste because even though it is farely small, its mine. aaaand i think people and friends know me by this url and follow forevers and idk i feel like that would all just be put to waste. argh

omg i havent been on tumblr for i think its been 6 months idk. call me fob i was on hiatus. but while i was gone ive been so much happier and although im still on my phone all the time, computer time is less and my family is a lot happier. also i am kind of over youtube….:/? idk it just doesnt interest really. but while i was still on tumblr my music taste was very punk rock but when i left it turned more pop rap? idk hahahaha but people have changed me and im trying to go back to who i really am now. and guess what? 5sos has helped me:))). ive known of 5sos for almost 2 years so im not just liking them now from slsp. but seriously. before i would listen to like 1 song of theirs and be happy with it. but now theyre doing so much more with their music and its more punk and im loving it. mikey completes me he is literally my rock. when he pops up into random videos i smile. same with luke too:) and of course calum and ash but luke and michael are my ones and only’s. that sounds really wrong and i dont think its english but whatever. so yeah idk what i want to do with this account. i lost a good amount of followers on my time off but i still have an ok amount. and i never really cared that much about followers. i just like looking at pictures that inspire me and making friends that inspire me. also to friends that i may have ditched while i was away. i miss you guys so much. ive lost connection with basically all of my internet friends and its pretty sad actually. but anyway hey glad to be back and i’ll see where this blog takes me:)










Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownIf You Don't Know 20% faster
Album: UnknownDon't Stop - EP
Plays: 57,599

Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownIf You Don't Know
Album: UnknownDon't Stop - EP
Plays: 60,841

Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownWrapped Around Your Finger
Album: UnknownDon't Stop - EP
Plays: 232,790

Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownRejects
Album: UnknownDon't Stop - EP
Plays: 282,459

Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownTry Hard
Album: UnknownDon't Stop - EP
Plays: 352,303


this is my absolute favourite thing





okay so these fuckers are the worst cookies they literally drive me insane
because as you may know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result
like when you see these things
you know they’re awful and tasteless but you love how they have a nice texture but they always taste dry and never sweet enough and never satisfying
so you look at these shitty cookies and think “no, I’m going to eat one. maybe this time it’ll be different. maybe it will at least be satisfyingly sweet as a cookie should be”
but every time you just get a mouthful of flour and far too much of that nasty ass frosting
but you keep coming back because someday you hope that these cookies will be as good as you hope they could be
but they never are and you spiral into the lofthouse cookie madness and find yourself nearly gagging on these shitty flavorless cookies every single time a box is set out in front of you

i would have died thinking i was alone thinking a lot of things if i didn’t join tumblr